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Now is the time to change national statistics!

One out of eight women is going to get breast cancer, and women are 100 times more likely to get it than men. Did you know that Utah has the second lowest percentage for eligible women receiving screening mammograms in the nation? This puts our female population at risk for life-threatening breast cancer which may go undetected until it is too late. 

At Riverwoods Imaging, we are working hard to change those statistics by making it a whole lot easier for you to have your annual screening:

​Riverwoods offers the following for its mammogram patients:

  • Experienced mammography techs using a low dose machine that provides high resolution images
  • A comfortable environment in a new facility with easy access from University Avenue
  • Convenient parking
  • Mammogram appointments are often fifteen minutes or less from parking lot to parking lot
  • We are empanelled by most insurance companies and screening mammograms are a covered exam
  • Start to finish private room for the exam 
  • An experienced radiologist personally visits with each mammogram patient before she leaves. You will know the results of your exam before you walk out the door. If there are areas of concern, you will also know what your recommended options are.

The American Cancer Society recommends that all women 40 and older have annual mammogram screening exams. They also recommend that women with a family history of breast cancer (birth mother and/or sister), have annual mammograms beginning ten years prior to the age when the affected relative had the disease.

Digital Mammograms are Better at Detecting Early Breast Cancer

The procedure for having a mammogram done with a digital system is the same as with traditional mammography. The difference between the two protocols is comparable to the difference between a camera using traditional film and a digital camera. 

With a digital mammogram, the image’s brightness and darkness (contrast) is adjustable, and sections of the image can be magnified. This makes it more advantageous for a radiologist to see subtle differences in the breast.  The option to adjust the contrast when imaging denser breasts is particularly important because dense breast tissue and malignant cells both appear to be white on film mammogram, making it much more difficult to detect abnormalities in dense breasts when using traditional mammography.  At Riverwoods Imaging, we utilize the latest digital mammogram equipment and technology for our patients.

​To learn more, contact us at (801) 229-2002.

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